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We provide a 6-Step Fertilization Program to provide a balanced blend of fertilizer that will give your lawn deep green color, keep it weed free and a make sure it has a healthy root structure.

Our six (6) lawn applications include:

  • Spring – Granular fertilizer plus a weed pre-emergent.
  • Late Spring – Granular fertilizer plus weed and crabgrass pre-emergent, and liquid weed control.
  • Summer – Liquid fertilizer plus weed control, also known as a “weed and feed.” Plus, a grub preventative IF purchased.
  • Late Summer – Granular slow-released fertilizer. Granular surface insect control and weed control as needed.
  • Fall – Liquid fertilizer plus broadleaf weed control.
  • Winterizer – Granular fertilizer.

We also offer additional services which include; Grub Preventative, Lime Applications, Aeration and Over-seeding, Soil Analysis and Soil Enhancement Treatments.

All of these services are provided by Lake Erie Lawn Care


Weed Control

Our certified turf specialist knows how and when to apply weed control in a safe conscientious manner. This service will help to dispose of any unpleasant weeds and grass that could be growing anywhere from a parking lot, along a fence line, or growing out of sidewalk cracks.