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Perimeter Pest Control

Our certified trained technician, Frank, with Lake Erie Lawn Care is continually learning the most current techniques and best treatments for outside of your home.

They not only exterminate the pest/insect problem, but also give expert advice on pest prevention for the future!

Perimeter Pest Control creates a barrier around your home to control invading pests from the outside so you don’t have deal with them inside.

Some common insects that perimeter pest applications control are:  spiders, fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, crickets and earwigs.

Our program consists of four (4) applications and is applied around your home, deck, window wells, trash bins, garage and crawl space openings eliminating pest’s access to your home.

Applications are not harmful to soil, flowers, bushes or turf.

Need a Quote?!  Call Frank, with Lake Erie Lawn Care, directly at 814-838-5040.