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Kunco Lawncare LLC

Kunco Lawncare offers a complete turf fertilization program including 6 treatments per year. The program includes multiple applications of fertilizer, broad leaf weed control, and insect control. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Kunco Lawncare, LLC is a division of Kunco Landscape, Inc, a leader in the landscape industry for 20 years.  We understand that a lot of customers are concerned about having a big company provide their lawn care; they get lost in the system and are just a number instead of a valued customer.  With Kunco Lawncare, you will get the big company knowledge and experience with the small company personal attention to detail.  As parents and pet owners we understand there are concerns with this specific service and can ensure you that safety is our #1 priority! Since the same licensed applicator will be maintaining your lawn throughout the year, we will be able to offer you the best lawn care possible.  We offer free service calls to make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed in a professional manner.  We care about the work we do and take pride in each lawn we care for.  Lawn care is our career and not just a summer job.  It would be an honor to have you as one of our customers.


Kunco Lawncare 6 Treatment Program:

  • Spring – It’s an application of a granular fertilizer plus pre-emergent to help the lawn green up and thicken from the winter months.  The pre-emergent will help prevent summer weeds from germinating.
  • Late Spring – Consists of another application of granular fertilizer plus pre-emergent to give the lawn another helping of prevention from crabgrass and summer weed germination.  This treatment also includes a liquid broadleaf weed control to the entire lawn as needed.
  • Summer – This application consists of a liquid fertilizer plus weed control, also known as a “weed and feed”.  This helps the lawn grow thick and green while taking care on any weeds that are present.  At this time we also apply a grub preventative to protect and guarantee the lawn to be grub worm free all year.
  • Late Summer – The late summer application is to be done very carefully in accordance to the summer heat.  We apply a granular slow-release fertilizer to ensure the lawn keeps healthy and green without burning out.  Granular surface insect control is applied as needed along with weed control.
  • Fall – The fall application will involve a liquid fertilizer plus broadleaf weed control to promote a thick and green lawn in the fall.  It also takes car of any weeds that have germinated through the fall rain.
  • Winterizer – The final application of the season is a granular fertilizer to give the lawn the proper nutrients to stay healthy through the cold winter months.  This treatment also helps the lawn recover quicker next spring.

Application Dates:

Spring Early March – April
Late Spring Late April – May
Summer June – July
Late Summer Late July – August
Fall September – Mid October
Winterizer October – November


Additional Lawn Care Services

Grub Preventative – Applied with the summer treatment; the grub preventative is a granular insecticide that protects your lawn from grub worms and is guaranteed for the entire season.  A grub preventative is applied at the customer’s discretion, we recommend that a grub treatment is applied to the lawn every year or every other year depending on the location of the property.

Lime Application – Limestone can be applied anytime throughout the year, but the best times are in the spring and fall.  Lime will help balance the pH of the soil, which will enable the lawn to utilize the fertilizer quicker and more effectively.

Fungicide Application – Most diseases in turf grass are able to run their course without ever being noticed but there are some that need extra attention.  With newly established lawns, disease is very likely.  We have the ability to identify and irradiate any fungus or disease.  A fungicide application in the late fall is one way to help reduce snow mold the following spring.

Aeration / Aeration Over-seed – Aeration is the best kept secret to a great lawn.  This is done by plugging the lawn leaving thousands of holes.  These holes allow the lawn to breath and bring in oxygen.  Aerations also help reduce thatch and soil compaction.  Over-seeding a lawn is done after the aeration is complete.  Grass seed is pushed through the lawn, allowing the seed to drop quickly into the holes for a quicker more efficient germination.

Referral Discount

We value every customer and know that the best way for people to hear about our service is through you.  We offer a $15 referral for every new customer that you get to have us take care of their lawn care needs.  It’s simple, have a friend sign up with us and receive $15 off your next service!