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Paver Restoration (Clean & Seal)

Do you have older pavers that need to be restored, we offer all of the paver repair services necessary to make them look like new again. We provide pressure cleaning, re-slagging, sealing, and paver repair services for almost every type of paver on the market. This goes for small or large residential and commercial applications.

Congratulations on choosing brick paving, you have chosen to have one of the most beautiful and versatile paving materials in your landscape!

A paver patio or driveway looks beautiful when it’s new. After a few harsh winters & backyard parties, pavers may start to show some strain. Now is the time to get your hardscape back in shape for seasons to come! Cleaning & Sealing is very affordable, starting at only $300! It is a great way to protect and enhance your investment.

Pavers must be cleaned prior to sealing, removing any stains or efflorescence that may have surfaced. Efflorescence is caused when solvated salt in the paver is drawn to the surface, and is common in most non-wetcast or pre-sealed payers.

We use only the finest joint stabilizing sealer recommended for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

It will protect the colors & revitalize the pavers by enhancing the colors without darkening the pavement. It will waterproof the surface to inhibit absorption of food, beverages, salt and acid staining, thereby reducing the cost of future maintenance. The bond will strengthen the joints and will resist erosion of sand and weed growth!

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